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Hard Disk Drive Recovery

Have you lost important data on your hard drive or a document you worked on for hours? One scenario may end with grave results and the other is a major inconvenience.  Safeguarding your hard drive by backing it up is the best copy protection.  Most small business and residential computer users don't back their data up.

Mission Critical data is defined as the total loss of information beyond any possibility of recovery on your own. You must call a qualified technician immediately if you experience problems. Our technicians are specially trained to identify such problems and will procure the corrective actions necessary.
Here are a few tips to assist you should you have problems:

1. Do you make mountains out of mole-hills? If you suspect hard disk drive problems, DO NOT run any handy utilities despite what friendly computer hobbyists may advise. Follow our expert advice to assist in getting your hard drive running again.  Please understand it is important you seek technical support

2. If your hard disk drive or computer squelches unusual noises, clicking, or metal sounds, immediately stop what you're doing and turn off the computer with the power-switch.  Fatal damage will occur if the drive suffers a mechanical malfunction. The platters (disks) move at thousands of revolutions per minute. Any slight malfunction will usually damage the platter. It is imperative, as stated previously; do not use ANY hard drive utilities.

3. Windows Server, XP/Vista/2000 Workstation, Novell, and Linux run on very complex hard drive formats. The complexity does not provide an optimal situation to fix it yourself. Is your data worth risking saving a few dollars? If your data is worth much more than taking a chance to lose everything, then contact Net-Net Tech, LLC at 636-533-0150 for computer repair.

If your hard disk drive is mechanically dead, recovery is still possible 90% of the time.  Mechanical hard drive repairs are costly.  However, monetary value is often not a concern if the intellectual property on the drive is irreplaceable.  Pricing is based on the amount of damage and how quick you need the drive back.

Net-Net Tech, LLC has direct channel access to specialized experts if extensive hard disk drive damage is experienced. We will take care of you.
You can obtain our hard drive recovery service offerings throughout the St Louis, St Charles, Chesterfield, St Peters, Lake Saint Louis, OFallon, Troy, St Paul, Harvester, Wentzville and Dardenne Prairie areas, MO.

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